Hail fellow pilots!

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Hail fellow pilots! Empty Hail fellow pilots!

Post  Vin Fell on Wed Jul 18, 2012 5:59 am

I'm back and glad to see that San Matari still exists in some form!
These days I have 3 characters in New Eden, myself, Renneque, and Danlo Fell. I was in a rl friends corp a while back but that went Ghost-like real quick. At the moment I'm moving over to a larger carebear corp, Solaris Project, part of the Border World Enterprises Alliance.. I Operate out of Lonetrek and Forge space mostly nowadays, needing to get in and out of Jita frequently. Mining and Missioning and PI are my game. I also find a couple hours a week to play Dungeons and Dragons online.
I can't really afford to pay for EvE these days (family now) so I make 2-3bill isk a month grinding those roids down to afford Plex. Smile
Anyway it's great to see old friends and acquainted pilots still about.
Vin Fell
Vin Fell

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